Office Location and Branches

Headquarters in Tabora municipality with field offices in Igunga , Nzega and Kaliua District for effective operation.

Contact us via:

Telephone: +255 26 2604648, Mobiles: +255 754 384330, +255 786 384330

Postal Address

Jikomboe Integral Development Association (JIDA) P.O.Box 1934 Tabora, Tanzania

JIDA is a member-based organization whose top-most organ is the General meeting. The General meeting is the policy-making organ of JIDA and elects the Chairperson, Executive Secretary, Deputy Executive Secretary and the Treasurer (these are the office bearers)

The Chairperson teams up with the Executive Secretary, Deputy Executive Secretary and the Treasurer to form executive committee which meets after every three months. The main function of executive committee is to oversee the implementation of all decisions made by general meeting and the appointment of the senior staff .

The Executive Secretary is the secretary to all meetings and is the in charge of day to day management of the Association assisted by the head of departments/ projects.

Some of the departments include: Department of Health, HIV/AIDS and relief, Department of Research, Planning and Income Generation, Department of Gender and Development, Department of Accounts and the Department of water, sanitation and Environmental conservation. Field officers, Community Based Distributors and volunteers are key actors at grassroots level.

Organizational Chart