Office Location and Branches

Headquarters in Tabora municipality with field offices in Igunga , Nzega and Kaliua District for effective operation.

Contact us via:

Telephone: +255 26 2604648, Mobiles: +255 754 384330, +255 786 384330

Postal Address

Jikomboe Integral Development Association (JIDA) P.O.Box 1934 Tabora, Tanzania

USAID KizaziKipya Project /USAID New generation program

KizaziKipya Project is a funded by USAID.  The project aims to enable one million Tanzanian orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and young people affected by HIV utilizing age-appropriate HIV/AIDS-related and other services for improved care, health, nutrition, education, protection, livelihoods, and psycho-social well-being. The project is implemented by Pact Tanzania in partnership with Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), Railway Children of Africa (RCA), and Restless Development.  To achieve its goal, the project works with the government of Tanzania through government officials at village, ward, district and regional level, JIDA implement USAID new generation project in Uyui and Igunga Districts of Tabora region.

In 2020 KizaziKipya project cover 19 wards in Uyui District while in Igunga the project is implemented in all 35 wards .The project focus to achieve 4 main results which are:

  • Parents and Caregivers have financial resources to meet the needs of vulnerable children and adolescents
  • Parents and caregivers have the skills to meet the needs of HIV- infected and vulnerable children and adolescents
  • High quality services are available to HIV – infected and vulnerable children and adolescents
  • High quality services are available to “hard to reach ’’HIV – Infected and vulnerable children and adolescents:

USAID KizaziKipya Project

Other vulnerable children (OVC) from Uyui distrct receiving start-up kits from USAID Kizazi Kipya project after graduating vocational training at VETA Tabora

USAID KizaziKipya Project

Other vulnerable children (OVC) from Uyui district attend vocation training at VETA Tabora under support of USAID Kizazi Kipya project.

USAID KizaziKipya Project

A group of women gathered to share issues on saving and loans through worth groups established under USAID Kizazi Kipya Project.

In 2020 JIDA in Collaboration with various stakeholders such as Community Case Workers, Livelihood Volunteers, Government officials at Region level to Village level like Social Welfare Officers to implement the following activities in Uyui and Igunga Districts:

  • Distribute and collect reporting tools to 441 Volunteers (422 Community Case Workers and 19 Livelihood Volunteers).
  • Provide 1590 referrals and linkages to KizaziKipya project beneficiaries according to their needs.
  • Escort 195 OVC to receive health services at CTCs for HIV test taking ARVs which is according to donors’ allocated amount.
  • Conduct 29 Joint Supportive supervision with LGAs (District Social Welfare Officers, District Community Development Officer, District Aids Coordinator, District Nutrition Officer and District Medical Officer) to beneficiaries households, Ward/Village Office and Health facility to oversee implementation of KizaziKipya project, provide recommendations and strengthening collaboration among stakeholders for sustainable project results.
  • Conducted HIV quarterly monitoring assessment to OVC 9882, conduct Family and child asset assessment to Households 3548.
  • Conduct 12 CCWs and 12 LVs monthly meeting in Igunga and Uyui DC.
  • Supporting 422 CCWs to enter data in DHIS 2 system through USSD system.
  • Support 6 Data Clerks to enter 39 WORTH YETU groups information’s, GBV/VAC screening tools, and Case closure forms through
  • Facilitate 6 OVC to complete vocational scholarship at VETA Kahama and provide them with startup kits for establishing Income generating activities which will stabilize economy of OVC and their households.
  • Distribution of School Materials or Educational subsides to 353 OVC in Uyui and Igunga Dc each OVC received 10 exercise books.
  • Conduct clinical home visit to one OVC in Uyui and six clinical home visit in Igunga.
  • Conduct Enhanced Adherence and Counseling sessions to 37 CLHIV in high volume CTCs in Igunga and Uyui DC.
  • Distribution of Improved CHF cards to 292 Households in Uyui District and 163 in Igunga District to increase access of OVCs to health services.


  • Poor network, hinder Community volunteers to enter data through USSD system timely – to address the challenge JIDA shared with Pact M&E Team and advised volunteers to register Tigo line as an alternative to the challenge.
  • Some stubborn CCWs hinder JIDA to reach FY 20 target timely disciplinary measure were taken.

Lessons learned

Identifying gaps which hinder project performance and share with stakeholders on possible solutions towards improving project performance and attaining sustainable results.