Office Location and Branches

Headquarters in Tabora municipality with field offices in Igunga , Nzega and Kaliua District for effective operation.

Contact us via:

Telephone: +255 26 2604648, Mobiles: +255 754 384330, +255 786 384330

Postal Address

Jikomboe Integral Development Association (JIDA) P.O.Box 1934 Tabora, Tanzania

JIDA implements Sauti project in Kaliua district, Tabora region. This project seeks to contribute to the improved health status of all Tanzanians through a sustained reduction in new HIV infections in support of the United Republic of Tanzania’s (URT) commitment to HIV prevention. The program utilizes new, and/or enhances existing, vulnerability-tailored, high-quality combination HIV prevention; positive health, dignity and prevention (PHDP); and modern contraceptive methods for key and vulnerable populations (KVP). Sauti aims to ensure that all KVP in program communities are able to actively participate in a core package of vulnerability-tailored, high-quality, client- and community-centered combination (biomedical, behavioral and structural) prevention services; with strong and traceable linkages to care, treatment and other referral services, along with the active support and participation of their partners, families, health providers, the wider community, URT structures and the private sector.

The target population:

  • Key Populations are defined as female sex workers (FSW)
  • Vulnerable Populations includes the following populations:
  • Adolescent Girls and Young Women (vAGYW) aged 15-24 who are out of school and sexually active.
  • Specific vAGYW age category are:
  • Pediatric Population: Children between the ages of 18m-14 years.